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2022 Advisory Board Officers

PWRG welcomes the Advisory Board Officers for 2022!

"I hope to build upon the strong foundation established by our past leaders and continue to support our dynamic group of female professionals," said president Sabrina Axt of Axt Legal, who is a member of PWRG's Walnut Creek chapter.

Her goals for 2022 include:

  • Growing membership

  • Providing more business support and mentorship

  • Enhancing cross-chapter networking opportunities

"As a volunteer organization, we rely on the many talents our members bring to PWRG," she continued. "I encourage each one of you to get involved and share your ideas and talents to help PWRG continue to thrive. Remember, 'many hands make light work.' With your support and energy, I am confident we can make this year one of PWRG’s best."

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